Job Hunting

Shimane University actively supports job hunting activities for international students.

   For international students who wish to receive support, we highly recommend registering for the Shimane University Moodle Course "JOB Hunting Support for International Students". After registration, you can collect necessary information and exchange opportunities for your job hunting activities.

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■ Data on International Students' Job Hunting (except the Faculty of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medical Research)

  AY2017 AY2018 AY2019 AY2020
Number of undergraduates and graduates 38 34 30 36
Number of students
who secured a job
Work in Japan 3※1 9※2 8※3 12※4
Work in home country 9 4 3 5

※1 Real estate, service industries, food industries
※2 Construction, transportation, manufacturing
※3 IT, foodstuffs, machine manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunication, medical welfare
※4 IT, service industries, transportation, manuracturing

■ Job Hunting Support

[ Original Support by Shimane University ]

1.Company Tours
   For international students who wish to work in Japan, company tours are held annually as one of the local employment promotions. Please see past tours below.

 ・September 2020
 ・February 2019
 ・February 2018
 ・August 2017 
 ・February 2017


2.Exchanges with Companies & Internship Support
    Shimane University holds exchange and matching events between companies in Shimane Prefecture and international students for students who wish to work in Shimane Prefecture. As for international students who engage in internships, Shimane University grants scholarships as support and in this way provides financial support. The object of these types of support is to increase the number of foreign people who stay in Shimane.

Click here to see past exchange and matching event article.

Click here to see past internship article.

3.Business Japanese Special Course
 Shimane University holds a program for specialized business Japanese for international students. Click here to see past article.

4.Guidance Lecture for Job Hunting
   For international students who are starting job hunting, the Higher Education Center and the International Center hold guidance lectures to introduce how to engage in job hunting activities.

5.Individual Counseling for Job Hunting
   Professors from the International Center and the Higher Education Center provide job hunting counseling and individual counseling. (Online counseling is also available.)


   More information about Shimane University’s support is also explained in the Shimane University Moodle Course "JOB Hunting Support for International Students".

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[ Other Types of Support Outside the University ]

1.Career Support Network for International Students in Japan 
   Shimane University is affiliated with the Career Support Network for International Students in Japan to help international students who are job hunting. This network provides many helpful services for job hunting as seen below. Please check the policies and conditions, user’s manual, and register with the email address provided by Shimane University ( or 

【 Main Services Provided】

 1. Job hunting manuals and guides - approximately 40 videos of content
 2. Steps for employment test via e-learning - approximate 200 sample tests
 3. Business Japanese via e-learning - 18 videos of content
 4. Company recruitment information for international students
 5. Information for career fairs and recruiting sessions
 6. Information regarding seminars or guidance
  #1-4 are available for viewing on smartphones

2.Counseling for Changing Visa Status
   In October 2019, the Hiroshima Regional Immigration Services Bureau instituted counseling services specialized in job hunting support for international students. International students whose visa status reads "Student" can use this service after making an appointment.

Click here for details.
Appointment Sheet


International Students Employment Promotion Program
   This is a scholarship program for privately-financed international students who wish to be employed in a company in Japan, especially in the San-in area (Shimane and Tottori Prefecture). Students chosen are required to participate in the "I-Turn Employment Promotion Program", which includes the business Japanese course, career education, and internship program to receive this scholarship.

Internship Scholarship
   This scholarship program is for international students who wish to work at a company in Shimane after participating in an internship in Shimane. If the student is successfully employed by a company in Shimane after the internship, they will receive additional congratulatory funds.

For inquiries about scholarships, please contact the International Students Section.

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