FAQ by International Students

Q1. How can I be admitted in Graduate School of Shimane University?

A. Please obtain the application guidelines and check the admission schedule here


Q2.Can I  take an English course?

 English-Japanese Bilingual Education Course for International Students


Q3. I’m entering Shimane University, but I’m worried about living in Japan as I’m coming to Japan for the first time. 

A. International Division of Shimane University organizes the orientation for newly enrolled students twice a year in April and in October. In the orientation, you will be instructed about the campus life as well as the life in Japan. In addition, during the first six months after the enrollment, you will have a tutor to assist you in settling down.  International Center  and the International Division are always happy to be of your assistance. Please feel free to drop by if you need some help.

Q4. How can I apply for the university dormitory?

A. Applications are accepted twice a year, for April and for October move-in. Please find more details here. There are many private apartments around the campus. When renting a private apartment or the Shimane Prefecture housing, you will need a guarantor.


Q5. How can I open a bank account? 

A. The nearest bank from Matsue campus is “The San-in Godo Bank”. Opening an account with them requires a certificate proving that you are a Shimane University student. Please ask International Division for the certificate. However, please be informed that the students whose period of study at Shimane University is less than six months, it is not possible to open an account with The San-in Godo Bank. You can open an account with Japan Post Bank. Those whose period of study at Shimane University is less than six months can open an account with them. 


Q6. How can I extend my period of stay on my residence card? 

A. You can apply for the extension three months before the date of expiration. Please visit International Division (or International Exchange Office for students of Faculty of Medicine) for necessary documents. Shimane University works as your proxy to apply for the extension.


Q7. Can I work part time? 

A. You have to obtain a special working permission before starting the part-time job. Please contact International Division for application procedures. 


Q8. I would like to bring my family to Japan. 

A. Please check the necessary visa procedures by yourself at the Immigration Office.

Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau Matsue Branch Office 


Q9. I would like to work in Japan after the graduation, but have not found the job yet. Can I continue the job hunting with the residence status of “Student” after the graduation? 

A. Please change your residence status to “Designated Activities”. In the application process, the letter of recommendation issued by Shimane University is required. Please visit International Division for the detailed procedure.


Q10. What kind of scholarships are available? 

A. You will be notified of scholarship information by email. If there is the limit in the number of students Shimane University can nominate, there will be the selection at Shimane University. There are some scholarships which individual students can apply directly. Please find more details here


Q11.I have heard of the scholarship which includes the internship program at private companies. 

A. Shimane University offers the scholarship which includes the internship programs. This scholarship targets international students who wish to find a job in Shimane. Once you complete the internship program for the designated period, you will be granted the scholarship. For more details about the condition and application, please contact International Center.


Q12.How can I apply for the tuition exemption? 

A. You need to apply for the tuition exemption every semester. The application guidelines will be available on the bulletin board in front of Student Center and university official website in the end of January for the first semester next academic year and in the end of July for the second semester. Please visit Student Support Center (or Student Affairs Office for students of Faculty of Medicine)) for application. For more details, please visit here


Q13. Are there any Japanese classes?

A. Shimane University offers Japanese lessons. These are the supplementary classes so that no credit is given by joining the classes. If you are an international students of Shimane University or their family members, you can join for free. For more details, please visit here


Q14. Who can I consult regarding my study, research and daily life?

A. First of all, please talk to your supervisor. The professors of International Center are willing to talk to you. They can talk to you in various languages, including Japanese, English and Chinese. You can also visit the Shimane University's Health Service Center. 


Q15. Can I ask someone to accompany me to see a doctor as I am worried that I have a difficulty in Japanese language? 

A. If you do not feel well, please visit the Shimane University's Health Service Center. If you see a doctor outside campus, you can ask the community interpreter to accompany you by prior reservation. The service of the community interpreter is provided by Shimane International Center. For more details, please visit the center’s website


Q16. Is there any necessary procedure when I go back to my home country temporarily? 

A. Please visit International Division to get “旅行等届 Form for Travel to Other Places”. Please obtain the approval from your supervisor on the form and submit to International Division before your departure. 


Q17. What should I do when I change my email address? 

A. Shimane University may email you, so please notify International Division of your new email address. If you use “学務情報システム Campus Square”, please change the email address on the system.


Q18.Is there any chance to interact with Japanese students? 

A. International Center organizes “International Party” in December every year. If you join the field trips organized especially for international students, there are some Japanese students who join as supporters. Shimane University has various sports clubs and circles which welcome international students. Also, the Center for Foreign Language Education organizes exchange events several times a year. You will be informed of other events by email.