Strategy for International Exchanges

     After its incorporation, Shimane University was very proud to set forth its Charter with the slogan "Shimane University is growing with its people and community," and has been offering a world-class education and research based on distinctive regional challenges, and the international exchanges with foreign countries, especially Asian countries. For the purpose of implementing the spirit of Shimane University's Charter, we had enacted the Strategy for International Exchanges of our University on 25th of March, 2008. There are still many issues remaining, so the mission and visions of our International Exchanges to practice the concept of our Charter were set in the following manner.

(1) Mission

     From the viewpoint of global scope, especially emphasizing the focus on the coalition with Asia, it is our mission to foster the human resources who contribute to develop the international peaceful society and promote social progress, and to conduct the world-class researches based on regional challenges, and to raise the Shimane University's brand awareness by putting out achievement information to the world.

(2) Vision

     1. To carry out the human resource development who can play the leading roles of contribution to the world, especially to Asia, by enlarging their horizon on a base of world-class education.

     2. To create the cutting edge outcomes of international academic exchanges by strengthening the cooperation with concluded institutions overseas, having grounds on instinctive regional challenges.

     3. To develop the salient international cooperation programs in cooperation with various international institutions. These programs have the potentiality of building the Shimane University's brand reputation to cultivate the international competitiveness of students, staffs and faculties.

     4. To promote the internalization at our university underpinning international academic exchanges between concerned institutions.