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Request for Contribution to “Support for International Students” 
Shimane University Support Fund

Trustee of Research and Promotion of Globalization   
OTANI Hiroki  

Shimane University Support Fund has a category of “Support for International Students” to support international students to lead a meaningful student life. Shimane University currently hosts 244 international students from 26 countries and regions around the world (as of May 2023). They are working hard with their study and research at our university, in a country of different languages, cultures, and lifestyles. 
Therefore, we hereby would like to ask for your contribution to the Support for International Students to support international students' study and research activities. Your kind consideration and cooperation with the Fund are highly appreciated.

〔How will Shimane University use my contribution?〕
 Your contribution will be used for the following purposes.
 ・Original scholarship program for Privately-financed International Students
 ・Cooperation Projects with private scholarship organizations
 ・Life support for international students

〔How can I make a contribution?〕
 Please make a contribution in either of the following ways.
 ・Payment by credit card
 ・Bank transfer through San-in Godo Bank
 ・Postal transfer

〔Are there any tax benefits?〕
 Your contribution to the Shimane University Support Fund is tax deductible. 
  Contributions to the Shimane University Support Fund are income tax
  deductible in Japan. To apply for a deduction, you must file a final tax
  return with the local tax office along with the "Donation Receipt" issued
  by the University.
  All contributions to the Shimane University Support Fund are included
  in deductible expenses. 


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