Center's Outline

■Message from the Director

OTANI Hiroki

The International Center, succeeding the achievements of the Center for International Students established in 1998, has been promoting international exchange projects as the Center for International Exchange since 2007. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, with the cooperation of many related parties, we have dispatched approximately 300 students overseas annually and accepted more than 200 international students. And the number of students who went abroad, which had plummeted due to the spread of infection, is steadily increasing again as the Pandemic tends to subside. With the globalization of the university due to the increase in students studying abroad and international students studying at Shimane University, we have been faced with the need to tackle new issues, such as collaboration with local globalization projects and reexamination of the university's role in realizing the SDGs.


Therefore, in April of 2021, Shimane University changed the name from the Center for International Exchanges to the International Center and started a new organization. The purpose of this center is to create plans for the university's strategy for internationalization from university perspectives and to promote international cooperation. In order to achieve this, the International Center plays three roles:


(1) Fostering human resources with global sensibilities that will be a focal point between regions and overseas in a globalized society,

(2) Promoting education and research activities in collaboration with universities in Japan and overseas to improve the environment for global education, and

(3) Promoting globalization considering sustainability that takes advantage of the strengths of the local community and the university as a base of knowledge in the region.


Here at the International Center, we are excited to cooperate with the university’s faculties to make for a better study environment for the students and to enrich global interactions with the community.



■Duties of the International Center

  Today it is extremely important to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations with foreign countries and establish stable international exchanges with academic institutes overseas. Considering this global situation, the International Center has been offers cooperative international exchanges and world-class education with foreign institutes and local communities in the following ways:

1.  Planning and implementation of international exchanges,

2.  Concluding and renewing academic agreements with foreign universities and engaging in international programs,

3.  Offering acceptance and support systems for researchers and students from foreign countries,

4.  Gathering information and conducting research concerning international exchanges and education for international students,

5.  Managing the International House for overseas students and researchers,

6.  Promoting international student exchanges within the region, and

7.  Other required duties to accomplish the purposes of the center.


■Priorities of the International Exchanges Strategy

1.  Strengthening international cooperation with partner universities.
2.  Increasing the number of students studying abroad.

     -Globalization of the entire cumpus-

3.  Enhancing the support system for foreign students,and

4.  Strengthening of the system for accepting overseas researchers and students.