Center's Outline

■Message from the Director
 Akira Deguchi

deguchi sensei.jpg The Center for International Exchanges, succeeding to the achievements of the former Center for International Students established in 1998, has been promoting the international exchange projects in cooperation with many other people concerned since 2007.  After the establishment of our Center, however, the social situation surrounding was dramatically changed due to the economic impacts such as super-strong yen or Lehman’s fall, or the natural disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Nevertheless, the number of foreign students who study at Shimane University is increasing currently and the number of the students who study abroad is also gradually on the increase.
 Based on the spirit of Shimane University’s Charter, we aim to foster the students who can contribute to the global society actively not only by providing the global-standard classes with them, but also by promoting the following activities, cooperating with the foreign partner universities and the local communities:

(1) Making strategic networks with a group of advanced foreign universities in the fields
     of education and research valuable to Shimane University
(2) Increasing the number of researchers and students studying abroad
(3) Enhancement of the support system for foreign researchers and students

 I hope that the students at Shimane University as well as foreign students from other universities will be very familiar with our activities and make use of the Center easily.  I also hope that the staff members of the University will understand the roles of the Center and cooperate with us.

■Contents of Affairs at the Center for International Exchanges
  Today it is extremely important to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations with foreign countries and establish stable international exchanges with academic institutes overseas. Under this global situation, the Center for International Exchanges has been offering the cooperative international exchanges and world-class education with foreign institutes and local communities in the following ways.
1.  Planning and implementation of International exchanges.
2.  Concluding and renewing academic agreements with foreign universities, and
     then completing the performance for the international programs concerned.
3.  Acceptance and support system for researchers and students from foreign countries.
4.  Gathering and research over information of international exchanges and education
     for international students.
5.  Management of the international house for overseas students and researchers.
6.  Promoting International students’ exchanges inside the region.
7.  Other required business to accomplish purposes of the center.

■Priority Items of the International Exchanges Strategy
1.  Strengthening international cooperation with partner universities.
2.  Enhancement of capability to implement the international exchange in faculties,
     official staffs and students.
3.  Increasing the number of researchers and students studying abroad.
4.  Enhancement of support system for foreign researchers and students.




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