Field Trip

Ski Training Program for International Students at Mt. Daisen (February)

This annual ski training program is jointly organized by Shimane University and Tottori University in the aim of deepening friendship among international students from both universities and communing with nature in winter season.

See reports from the past ski training for more details.

Ski Training Program in February 2018
Ski Training Program in February 2017
Ski Training Program in February 2016

▶ Feild Trip for International Students (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe) (February)

In this field trip, participants visit Kansai Region including Kyoto where a lot of historic sites exist, such as Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion), traditional sake brewery in Nada area, Kobe. Through the trip, participants learn the Japanese culture, history, traditions as well as modern technology by visiting Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. In addition, visit to Disaster Reduction Museum in Kobe makes yourself understood of anti-disaster measures. The trip surely gives the old and the new understandings about Japan from various aspects.

See report from the past trip for more details.

Kansai Region Visiting Program in Feb.-Mar. 2018

▶ Feild Trip for International Students (Ohnan town, Shimane) (September)

With the purpose of promoting international students’ understanding of Japanese culture and warmhearted humanity, the trip gives the participants many opportunities of communicating with Shimane locals including elementary and high school students, enjoying one of the Japanese traditional performing arts, Iwami Kagura, visiting Japanese sake brewery as well as homestay with local farmers. The trip takes the participants to Ohnan town in Shimane where good old Japanese traditions still exist with unspoiled nature.

See report from the past trip for more details.

Field Trip for International Students in Ohnan Town 2017



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