2017 Field Trip for International Students in Ohnan Town was held


 Gratitude for cooperation and very kind hospitality to Ohnan town in Shimane Prefecture, which has the partnership agreement with Shimane University since 2009, we successfully implemented the 8th International Students’ Field Trip to Ohnan Town for the purpose of promoting international students’ understanding of Japanese culture and humanity from September 8th to 11th, 2017.
 There were 20 international students, 3 Japanese students and 3 university members who participated in this trip to visit Ohnan Town.
 On the first day, students visited Anshin-Center-Hasumi in order to understand welfare service in local Japanese community. Students followed the guide who gave them introduction of how to use facilities and looked around the center’s facilities, also visited the room inside where seniors lived in. After that they deepened the friendship with seniors through joining the calisthenics and having tea time with talking.
 In the afternoon, students met their host family at Izuwa community center and then started their farm stay at traditional local houses.
 On the second day, students enjoyed rice and vegetable harvesting, casting a net, trying to do traditional Japanese cooking, visit to historical heritage and so on when they stayed in local home.
 On the third day, "The Ohnan Harvest Festival" was held in Tadokoro community center. In this event, each family cooked and brought a dish made mainly from local products to enjoy them together. There were delicious dishes such as Boiled rice mixed with vegetables, Tempura, Soup, Rice cakes, sour salad, Soba, pizza, dumplings etc. At the tasting party, students expressed their views about impression on homestay at farm and also received the comment from each host family. After the event, students visited the local sake brewery to learn traditional sake culture and enjoyed Iwami-Kagura theatrical Shinto performances named “Yamata-no Orochi” by local Kagura team.
 On the final day, students had cultural interactive exchange meeting with Ichigi elementary school which was not able to be held last year because of a typhoon. International students introduced themselves and made presentation about their own countries with posters. They also had an athletic meeting with children which was very exciting, ate lunch together and watched the dynamic drum performance by all children. They all had a lot of fun and heartwarming interactions each other.
 International students touched traditional Japanese culture, lifestyle and kindness of Ohnan people throughout the trip. Participated students and people there deepened mutual understanding beyond the differences of nationality, age, words and backgrounds.

 Interaction with Ohnan Elderly People at Anshinn-Center-Hasumi

 Soba making experience

 Rice harvest at Farm Stay
 Ohnan Harvest Festival
 Iwami-Kagura Experience
 Presentation about their own countries

Group photo with Ichigi Elementary School Children




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