The summer company tour (hotels) 2017 –partnership with Toyo University

公開日 2017年08月21日

 The summer company tour was held by Shimane University in partnership with Toyo University. The foreign students of Shimane University and Toyo University students joined the tour.
Shimane University started the company tour in 2016 in order to make foreign students understand the companies in Shimane prefecture and Tottori prefecture. Shimane University students visited some food companies last summer and some metal-working companies this spring. The target for the third company tour was hotels in the tour industry.
Students from Toyo University joined this tour for the first time as part of “the I-turn (moving from urban regions to rural regions for job) promotion program for foreign students”, which had officially started in July under the partnership with Toyo University.
They learned the distinction of management between western style hotels and Japanese style hotels, their business policy, differentiations from other companies, ingenuity in advertisement which they couldn't find as hotel guests.
The regions around Nakaumi Lagoon and Lake Shinji have taken measures to increase foreign tourists drastically. The third company tour was planned a head of those measures.
We appreciate all the hotels which cooperated with this company tour.