The winter company tour

公開日 2019年02月20日

 The Center for International Exchanges held a tour to factories on 12 February 2019, which forms an annual event of career education for international students aiming to work in local industries in Shimane. In this year, eight international and one Japanese students, most of who are from faculties/ graduate schools of natural sciences, engineering, life and environmental sciences, learned about agricultural and food industries where less number of students have conducted internship. They visited Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd. and Nakamura Chaho Cooperation Tea Factory located in Matsue. 
 At Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery, the participants looked on operating product line for agricultural tractors and combines. They were surprised that while most parts of processing and painting components were automated with robots, products were manually constructed and examined. A participant, Bangla postgraduate students of environmental sciences showed a strong interest in security and control system of the manufacturing line. At Nakamura Chaho they saw a process of making matcha, powdered green tea. They found traditional as well as advanced facilities such as electromotive grindstones. They tasted a cup of fresh matcha at the end of the tour. International students involved expanded their views on working, which means a success of this tour.


At Mitsubishi Mahindara Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Nakamura chaho