Ski training program for international students

公開日 2023年02月20日

On February 8, 2023 (Wed.), a ski training program for international students was held at the Daisen ski resort. This time, 19 international students and 2 supporting Japanese students participated.
Before the coronavirus pandemic, this program was held for one night and two days, but this time, after four years since coronavirus pandemic, it was held as a one-day trip. The international students seemed to be looking forward to it, and when we started accepting applications for participation, the number of participants quickly reached the maximum number.

 There was an abundance of snow due to the heavy snowfall in January. Although it blizzarded a little in the morning, it cleared up in the afternoon, making for perfect conditions. The students' skiing progress was excellent under the enthusiastic guidance of the instructor. The ski slopes were filled with smiling faces of happy international students who were able to interact with other members of the group whom they do not usually see each other.