Recruitment of student dormitory

公開日 2023年01月30日

If you would like to move into the student dormitory, please apply by email or direct bringing to International Student Section (I.S.S.) by 5:00 PM on February 15 (Wednesday). We will notify you the selection results by email. The details and schedule of the application are as follows.

  • Tenancy period: Up to 2 years from April 2023
  • Number of applicants (international student quota):
    Doemitory Building A: 2 Males, 2 Females
    Dormitory Building B: 2 males, 3 females
    Dormitory Building C: 5 male, 2 female
  • Documents to be submitted: Application for Residence_入寮申請書[DOCX:38.6KB]
  • Application deadline: February 15 (Wednesday) 5:00 PM
  • Submission destination: ied-ryugaku (a) * Please change (a) to @ before sending.
  • Schedule: 2/15 application deadline → by 2/28 result notification → move in April, 2023

If there are larger number of applicants, the selection will be done, based on the selection criteria for Shimane University student dormitory.

We will inform you the result by February 28th (Tuesday).

  1. Purpose of student dormitory
    Shimane University Student Dormitory provides a place for students to live a comfortable student life and study, reduce the financial burden, and promote social development through the communal living of students. It aimes promoting improvement of individuality.
  2. Payment of the rent
    Residents should pay their rent via account transfer from your bank or postal bank account.
  3.  Important Notes
        Applicants must agree with the following:
        (1) Residents must follow the rule of the dormitory, and join in the cleaning activity.
        (2) I.S.S. will decide housing assignment. Room assignment is made by I.S.S.
        (3) The dormitory is managed by Student Support Center and I.S.S. The residents must follow their directions.
        (4) Residents can NOT park their cars. (Except handicapped residents)
        (5) The deposit will be used for cleaning fees when the residents leave. If it takes more cost to clean, the residents may be required additional charge.
        (6) If the residents break equipments or facilities, the residents must report to Student Support Center or I.S.S. immediately and pay the repairing charge.
        (7) Smoking is NOT allowed inside of the dormitory room.
        (8) Residents must buy a fire insurance. This insurance would cover the damages of building caused by fire, water leak, etc, because of residents’ faults.
      (9) Applicants for building B have to comply the following conditions. Shimane University accepts some short-term students from our international partner universities in July. We plan to let them share rooms with Shimane University students in Building B, so that we can provide them with not only reasonable accommodations but also opportunities of international communication. Please note and understand this if you apply for Building B.
  4. Student dormitory list, address, etc.

Please check the application guidebook for details. If you would like to apply, please submit by the deadline.



  • I am currently in the student dormitory and plan to move out in September. Can I apply for an extension?
    → There is no extension system. Please apply as a new case. If a student who has moved into the dormitory bofore is permitted to move in, the maximum period of permission is one year.
  • I am currently living in the student dormitory, and the deadline for moving in is September 2023. Can I apply for recruitment for moving in April 2023?
    → Students with a move-in deadline of March 2023 can apply, but students with a move-in deadline after September 2023 cannot apply. Please apply for recruitment before the move-in deadline expires. As a general rule, student dormitories are recruited twice a year for the enrolled students in April and October.
  • I couldn't come to Japan because of Covid-19, and I actually moved in one year after the move-in permit date. Therefore, I can only move into the dormitory for one year. Is it possible to extend it?
    → Since it was unclear when you will come to Japan, we have reserved two years from the date of permission for you to move in. The two-year occupancy period cannot be extended.
  • I am a student of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tottori University, but I am studying at Shimane University. Can I apply?
    → You meet the application qualifications.