SU Global Month was held (During November 2021)

公開日 2021年12月23日

  Shimane University held a variety of international exchange and global-focused events from November 1 to 30, 2021, a month designated as SU Global Month. The purpose of this event was to raise global awareness for faculty members and students, and to stimulate efforts to promote globalization throughout the university. This is the third year SU Global Month was held.


 During November various events were conducted such as study abroad information sessions introducing study abroad programs and language learning methods, an online exchange event with the students of a partner university, an exhibition of Shimane University's students' overseas experiences as well as the situation regarding international student acceptance, lectures and seminars organized by students, and international exchange events through sports.


 This year, some of the events were held online, but many in-person events were organized while observing infection prevention measures. At the study abroad information sessions held both online and face-to-face, following an introduction of the university's study abroad programs and language learning methods, three students who had studied abroad through the exchange program and who had participated in the online study abroad program shared their experiences. Even though traveling abroad is not possible for students, they are making a steady progress in their preparations for studying abroad by utilizing online programs. 


 The Global Insight Seminar, which was held online, offered two lectures: (1) Thinking about our daily lives and SDGs from waste wandering across borders, and (2) Thai business market, what companies in Shimane should target in the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of  thirty students, faculty and staff members participated these lectures. These seminars taught about the importance of recognizing global issues and what we should do now to be globally active.


 At the USA Online Cafe, an online exchange event with the students of one of our partner universities, ten students from our partner university and eleven SU students had fun conversing both in Japanese and English according to the theme. Many of the participants were repeat participants, indicating that this online exchange event has become well-established.


 The International Center at Shimane University will continue to organize such events in the future, while observing infection prevention measures, in order to raise global awareness for faculty and staff members as well as students, and to promote the university's further globalization.


Study abroad information session USA Online Café
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