"Mukashibanashi Café 2021" was held in collaboration with Kyushu Institute of Technology

公開日 2021年05月27日

On May 21st, the International Center held “Mukashibanashi Café 2021” in collaboration with Kyushu Institute of Technology.

The purpose of this online event is for international students who are anticipating the entry to Japan under COVID-19 pandemic to interact with students in Japan through Japanese folk tales so that they can feel the connection among them even in these difficult times.

In this online session, a total of 3 international students (including those in Japan) and 3 Japanese students from Shimane University, a total of 7 international students (including those in Japan) and 4 Japanese students from Kyushu Institute of Technology joined and engaged in exchanges.

Participants made positive comments such as "It was refreshing because I was able to talk with students from other universities. There were many people in one group and I could communicate with them.", and "It was good that I could meet and talk with many people and also learn about Japanese folk tales.” The event ended with a great success.

The spread of unprecedented infectious diseases has forced us to live in a restricted way, and many international students are still waiting to come to Japan. For the international students who participated in the session, it was a good opportunity to interact with other students beyond the boundaries of university. This event has eased their feeling of loneliness and isolation. Furthermore, participating in this online session about Japanese folk tales became a precious opportunity to feel Japan anywhere in Japan and even abroad. It is expected that this kind of event will develop into further international exchanges.