Job Matching Session of Corporations in Shimane and International Students

公開日 2021年01月26日

     On January 13th, the Job Matching Session of Corporations in Shimane and International Students was held online, and the event was called Connect through SHIMANE: International Students x Shimane Prefecture Corporations, Fill in Gaps in Business! Nine international students from Shimane University who are interested in finding jobs in Shimane Prefecture participated in this event.

     This event was hosted by the Shimane University, The University of Shimane, Shimane Prefecture, Shimane Federation of Small Business Associations and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) of Matsue with these aims: broadening career selection and sharing the opportunity with international students to know about corporations in Shimane Prefecture, and raising awareness of local corporations by connecting local corporations and international students. The session was held online with participation from four companies of various industries.

     In a group talk session held after the presentations by the companies, international students actively talked about their specific studies, career goals and desires to be employed. International students said, “It was a great opportunity to understand companies in Shimane and communicate directly with these companies,” and, “Since I was able to get to know about the companies’ requirements for human resources, I hope to use this information in my job hunting process.”

      The people in charge of the companies voiced their understanding for job hunting of international students, such as, “This kind of workshop for international students held with university and companies is rare, and it was a good learning experience,” and, “We were able to hear the opinions and feel the real personality of the students, so the time spent was very meaningful.”

     For international students to be able to engage in job hunting smoothly, Shimane University will continue to support them in various ways through events such as the matching session with local government, corporations and other associations.

Presentation from company
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