Shimane University Alumni Association Indonesia

公開日 2021年01月26日

     On January 14th, 2021, the Center for International Exchange held an online Alumni Association meeting with participants from Indonesia. Twelve alumni and one international student from Indonesia participated and had an exchange with six faculty members from the Center for International Exchange at Shimane University.

     In recent years, about ten international students from Indonesia have studied at Shimane University each year, and most of them study at the graduate school doing research as government-financed foreign students. Also, some of them had risen ranks in their careers, becoming university professors and government officers in their home country after graduating from Shimane University. Some of the members who participated graduated ten to twenty years ago, and one taught at a university in Indonesia.

     At the event, the alumni were able to become closer to each other by exchanging conversation in Bahasa Indonesia and sharing their memories of Shimane University. Additionally, the members of the alumni association showed a positive response to assist in holding Shimane University’s original Online International Student Fair Indonesia.

     This online alumni association became an exchange platform for the Indonesian alumni and international student community, and also provided the opportunity of the first step of holding Shimane University’s original Online International Student Fair Indonesia. Shimane University actively engages in supporting exchanges between international students and exchanges between universities.


Indonesian Alumni and International Student,
and Faculty Members of Shimane University