Shimane University Alumni Association Vietnam

公開日 2021年01月26日

     On January 9th, 2021, the Center for International Exchange held an online Alumni Association meeting with participants from Vietnam. Four alumni and one international student from Vietnam participated and had an exchange with five faculty members from the Center for International Exchange at Shimane University.

     In recent years, about ten international students from Vietnam have studied at Shimane University each year in the fields of Humanities and Social Science, Medical, Science and Engineering, and Natural Science and Technology. Most of them had attended Japanese language schools before coming to Japan, studied as undergraduate and graduate students, and had gained enough Japanese language skill through learning at Shimane University to be successful in getting jobs in Japan. Alumni who had returned to Vietnam mostly worked in Japanese-related jobs.

     At the event,  alumni who had graduated over 10 years ago and those who had graduated just last year were able to become closer  by exchanging conversation in Vietnamese and sharing their memories of Shimane University. In addition, alumni members showed positive responses to help in holding Shimane University’s original Online Study Abroad Fair for Vietnamese. There was particular interest because previously held Study Abroad Fairs in Vietnam cannot be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

     This online alumni association became an opportunity for the Vietnamese alumni community, and was an opportunity to move forward in holding Shimane University’s original Study Abroad Fair for Vietnamese. Shimane University actively engages in supporting exchanges between international students and alumni.