First Chinese Online Cafe

公開日 2020年06月24日

   On June 17th, the Center for International Exchange at Shimane University held the First Chinese Online Cafe. The theme was “ways of enjoying time at home,” and students from Shimane University and its partner university, Nanjing Forestry University (China), exchanged opinions about the current situation in each country and how they spend their time. Twenty-four students, including ten students from Shimane University (six Japanese students and four international students), and ten students from Nanjing Forestry University participated in this event.

   The students talked about their limited situations due to the influence of the novel coronavirus and shared information about fun times spent with their families at home and new challenges. During group time, they enjoyed talking about not only the common theme but also various types of topics such as their hobbies and popular TV programs.

   Even though the students cannot move across borders due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, they were able to interact regardless of location through this online activity.

   Shimane University will continue to actively hold Online Cafes with many partner universities.

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