“Mukashibanashi Café” Online Exchange Event

公開日 2020年06月24日

     On June 12th, the Center for International Exchanges held “Mukashibanashi Café” as an online exchange event.

     Mukashibanashi Café is an event started in May 2020, with the purpose of fostering a deeper exchange through the use of Japanese legends between Shimane University students and students who study Japanese overseas. At the third café, students read the story of “Tsuru no Ongaeshi” (The Grateful Crane) in Japanese and exchanged opinions such as sharing opinions about the culture and ways of thinking in each country. A total of twenty-four students joined from India, Poland, Vietnam, China, Korea, Bangladesh and Japan.

     Although this event was scheduled to be an hour long, it took approximately two hours including exchanges after the café since students had such lively conversations.

     The Center for International Exchanges at Shimane University will actively keep holding exchange events between Shimane University’s students and students abroad through online means.


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