USA Online Cafe

公開日 2020年06月24日

     The Center for International Exchanges at Shimane University held its “USA Online Cafe” on June 9th. In this online session, three students from the University of Arkansas, one of Shimane University’s international partners, and six students from Shimane University collaborated and engaged in exchanges through the main topic “hobbies”.

     First of all, the host asked quiz questions about hobbies in both countries as an icebreaker. Next, students talked about how they enjoy their time both outside and inside of their house. Students had lively discussions about rugby, fishing, knitting, gardening, shopping and other hobbies. After that, students from both universities actively exchanged opinions about Japan and America with interest in each culture.

     For students from both universities, it was a precious opportunity to speak Japanese and English, and the cafe was extremely fruitful. The USA Online Cafe is scheduled to be held on a monthly basis.

     The Center for International Exchanges at Shimane University will actively hold these kinds of online seminars for student exchange, even in this difficult situation of face-to-face communication due to COVID-19.

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