Announcement of an exchange event by Shimadai Ambassadors

公開日 2022年11月10日

Shimadai Ambassadors will hold an exchange event between international students and Japanese students.

Please register from the link below. (You can also participate on the day of the event.)


Let's make friends through the topics of the university and Shimane prefecture!



島根大学、シマネのここが素晴らしい! ~島根大学と地域の魅力発見!~

This is what’s great about Shimane University and Shimane!
~Discovering the attractive points of Shimane University and Shimane~


Date: Monday, November 21

Time: 15:00-16:30

Where: General Edu. Bldg. 2F Room201

Who: International Students, Japanese students

Deadline: Monday, November 21 12:00 PM (noon)