SU Global Month (November 1 to 30, 2021)

公開日 2021年11月05日


November 1st to 30th is SU Global Month!!
There are many talks and activities to join. 
See below for the dates and the venues.
Learn and have fun together! (Last updated on November 5, 2021)

◆Poter presentation
   Venue   Entrance Hall of University Union and Cafeteria SOGNO

◆Events by International Center
○ USA Online Cafe
Join this online session to talk with students from University of Arkansas, one of Shimane University’s international partners. Please note that intermediate Japanese proficiency is required. 
   Date   November 16 (Tue) 9:00 - 10:00
           Venue        ZOOM (Please apply here by 3 pm on November 9 (Tue))
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◆Events by CFLE

○ English Speech Contest -Let's consider SDGs together!-
       Date   November 27 (Sat)  13:00 -
          Venue        Lecture Room No. 20, Faculty of Human Sciences Building and ZOOM

○ Activities to achieve SDGs in the world
This event is to know and learn how activities to realize the SDSs are carried on in the world, namely in Germany, France, China and Korea. The event is held in the medium of Japanese, Germany, French, Chinese and Korean.
       Date   November 24 (Wed)  13:00 - 14:40
          Venue        Lecture Room No. 35, Faculty of Education Building and ZOOM

※The following lunch clubs are given online.※

♪♪♪English Lunch Club♪♪♪

○ English Lunch Club (English Conversation) Instructor Ms. Payne
  Every Tuesday 

○ English Lunch Club (English Discussion)  Instructor Ms. Payne

    Every Thursday

○ English Lunch Club (First Step)  Instructor Ms. Ichikawa
    Every Thursday

○ English Lunch Club(Introduce Shimane in English) Instructor Ms. Asaka
    Every Friday 

♪♪♪Chinese Lunch Club♪♪♪

○ Chinese Lunch Club (Listening Comprehension) Instructor Ms. Wang
    Every Tuesday 

○ Chinese Lunch Club (Chinese Conversation)    Instructor Mr. Song
    Every Wednesday

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◆Event by Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering
〇ZOOM Seminar "Studied in Bangladesh and Shimane and Working for an International Company"  Flyer[PDF:618KB]
   Date     November  26(Fri)18:00-19:00 
Venue    ZOOM 
   Meeting ID & Passcord: See the bulletin board of Campus Square

◆Event by Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
○ Studying Abroad!! -From studying abroad to career development-  Flyer [PDF:1.02MB]
Two professors will talk about the joys and difficulties of studying abroad and working abroad. This event will be held combined with a monthly meeting between international students and Japanese students in the faculty. The purpose of this event is to encourage Japanese students to study abroad and to give good opportunities for international students to learn their career development in Japan.
   Date  November 10 (Wed)  10:30 - 12:10
           Venue   Microsoft Teams (see the flyer for the details)

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◆Event by International Joint Research Institute of Shimane University and Ningxia University
○ Chinese-style Dodgeball Game  Flyer [PDF:512KB]
Learn and enjoy Chinese-style dodgeball together with your friends and family. Click here (form in Japanese) to apply by October 31. Though the event is held and operated mainly in Japanese, English assitance is also available.
   Date   November 7 (Sun) 15:00 - 17:00
   Venue   Mochida Elementary School

◆Event by student
○ Cricket Trial
   Date          November 14 (Sun) and 28 (Sun)   11:00 - 12:00 *canceled if it rains
   Venue  Matsue Campus Ball Park

◆Event by local community
○ Cross Culture Event with INO community
Clean up unoccupied old Japanese house and surrounding area together with Ino community, a local community in Izumo. 
   Date   November 7 (Sun) 9:00 - 16:00
   Venue        Tarumi-Ya (Unoccupied old Japanese house), 522 Nozato-cho, Izumo city

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