【Notice】Change in Guarantor System at Shimane University

公開日 2021年08月20日

                                                                           August 18, 2021

To Shimane University International Students,

          Change in Guarantor System at Shimane University

      Shimane University Guarantor System is the service that
the university, more specifically the Shimane University International
Students Support Association serves as a joint guarantor when required
to make a contract for a private apartment. This notification is to
inform that the university will stop accepting new applications as of
September 30, 2021. From October 1, 2021, those who need a joint
guarantor are required to apply for guarantor service provided by a
private guarantor company.
If you need a joint guarantor when renting an apartment room on of
after October 1, 2021, please use the private guarantor company that
is specified by your real estate agent.

〇 Change in Guarantor System
  Until September 30, 2021
  The Shimane University International Students Support Association
  continues to be your guarantor if your apartment contract ends by
  the above date.
  From October 1, 2021
  Please use a private guarantor company when a joint guarantor is
  required to make an apartment contract.
  ・The existing guarantor contracts under the current guarantor
   system at Shimane University as of September 30, 2021 will be
   continued throughout the remaining contract period or until graduation.
  ・The following private guarantor company is recommended, but the
   final decision for guarantor company selection shall be made by
   the property owner or real estate agent. Please consult with your
   real estate agent.

Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.  https://www.nihon-safety.co.jp/english/
 Guarantee Fee: Half amount of monthly rent (including fees such as
         maintenance fee, common fee) for the 1st year
                 (Minimum required fee JPY20,000),
                 and JPY10,000 per year from 2nd year.
 Items Guaranteed: Unpaid rent, disposal of abandoned items, fee
                    for legal procedures and so on

〇 Fire Insurance
Those who use a private guarantee company from October 2021 are not
eligible to join the Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for International
Students Studying in Japan. Thus, please enroll fire insurance by yourself
if renting an apartment that requires a fire insurance enrollment.
Shimane University CO-OP can introduce fire insurance services.

I.S.S. International Exchange Division, Shimane University
       Tel:  0852-32-6106
       Email: ied-ryugaku@office.shimane-u.ac.jp