"SU Study Abroad Week" was held

公開日 2021年06月08日

     "SU Study Abroad Week" was held for five days from May 17th  (Mon) to 21st (Fri). This was under the theme of increasing the number of Japanese students studying abroad and spreading information widely on study abroad programs and short-term overseas training including online programs. Especially for new students and those who have not traveled abroad, we aim to increase their awareness of studying abroad and international exchanges not long after their enrollments.

     During this week-long event, various kinds of virtual and face-to-face events were held, such as seminars about study abroad programs, debriefing sessions by students who have studied abroad, online international exchanges sessions with students from international partner institutions and students who can’t have come to Japan, information sessions on overseas training programs organized by each faculty and Shimane University CO-OP. It brought a lot of first grade students and more than 370 people participated in these events. They gave comments such as, "I found out that there are various programs and supports for studying abroad," “Virtual study abroad program is an easy way to participate in and I hope this will be a good step for the next one after the pandemic is over," and "I just know that Shimane University provides classes for improving language skills, so I would very much like to take them."

     Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, study abroad and overseas training programs were canceled one after another, and so was "SU Study Abroad Week" in AY2020. On the other hand, thanks to the active virtual programs and international exchanges, we could provide information in various ways and encourage students to develop their clear plans at "SU Study Abroad Week" this year.

     Shimane University provides various short-term overseas training programs and its original scholarship to encourage students to study abroad. We will continue to provide several events related to study abroad and overseas training programs toward increasing the number of students who study abroad.