Guidance seminar for international students

公開日 2021年05月18日

The  International Center at Shimane University will hold a guidance seminar for international students who wish to work in Japan, particularly those who are starting their job search. This is an opportunity to learn how to move forward in job hunting in Japan, so please join us.
 While the content of the lecture is geared toward third year undergraduate students, first year Master's students, and second year Doctoral students, anyone interested is welcome.


   Date: Wednesday, June 2

【2】 English
   Date: Wednesday, June 2


Lecturer: Ms. TANAKA Kumiko (From Career section, Higher Education Center)

Language: Japanese/ English (Chinese support available)


How to attend: Face-to-face & Zoom meeting
・Place:  Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering Building Ⅱ 3F-313
・Online: The Zoom ID and password will be sent separately to the applicant.


How to apply: Please apply using the link below.

*Deadline is Wednesday, May 26 by 12:00 noon.


IYANG Xiaoping
International Center