SU Concierge, tailored support for faculty members

Shimane University employs a staff member called "SU Concierge" to provide tailored support for international faculty members.


SU Concierge supports international faculty members who prefer English to Japanese with the following matters:


(1) Translation, interpretation and consultation about various office procedures

(2) Guidance for on-campus activities and support along requests

(3) Translation of important information and notifications on campus


More specifically, SU Concierge helps with translation and paperwork related to:

・Various allowances (documentation for dependents, housing and commuting)

・Accounting matters (online ordering or purchasing registration systems, request for bank account transferring procedure and business trip registration systems)

・Mutual aid association (dependent notification)

・University housing (room vacancy information, moving in/out procedures)

・Academic (academic affairs information system, translation for courses and grade management), etc.