Job-hunting Seminar for International Students was held (July 2, 2019)


     On July 2, 2019, the job-hunting related seminar was held for the international students who wish to find a job in Japan. In the seminar, students learned how to register with job-hunting agencies, as well as how to fill in the resume which is required in the job hunting activity. All the participants were very eager, raising various questions such as “What should I write in “Hobby” section?” “Do I have to include my part-time working experience as my carrier?” etc.


     Shimane University has been dedicatedly supporting them to find the job in Japan, through the original scholarship program for those who wish to find the job with Shimane based companies and by the job hunting support program which is jointly organized with a private university based in Tokyo.


     Shimane University will continue to assist international students in their job hunting activity by providing various supports.





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