Career tour to Kansai



     The Center for International Exchanges Shimane University holds a 2 night and 3 day Kansai training trip to provide international students with an opportunity to gain a multifaceted understanding of Japanese culture. From this fiscal year, we added the function of career education, and incorporated the company briefing session held in Osaka and company tour (this time Kansai International Airport) in the itinerary. Participants also visited Byodo-in, Kiyomizu-dera, Sake-making factories, etc., for the purpose of understanding Japanese culture. This year's career training trips included 22 undergraduate and graduate students from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc. who are currently preparing for the purpose of finding a job in Japan. 

     As usual, in addition to instilling a sense of the history and culture of the area centered on Kyoto and Osaka while experiencing the famous places that represent Japan, at the company briefing session that was incorporated for the first time this time, the international students who tried to leave the venue after hearing only the briefings of the company that they were interested in from the beginning received the advice of the administration staff and the accompanying faculty members, and they broadened the target of corporate training. 

     At Kansai International Airport, they entered in a section where general users were not allowed to enter, and they were excited about the size of the factory for maintenance of the aircraft and the plane waiting for takeoff. In addition, foreign students who had food restrictions for religious reasons were also surprised at Kyoto cuisine and ramen made using only halal ingredients.

     This year's trip to Kansai for foreign students, which has been conducted every year, in addition to the original purpose of understanding Japanese culture, this time also a aim at career training. As a result, it seems that international students not only enjoy the places to visit as tourists but also give ideas for the system that manages them, even in areas other than company tours and joint briefings. The combination of the two contents not only adds significance as career education, but also leads to promoting the traditional purpose of multilaterally understanding Japan.

In front of the building which was held the company briefing session
Visited the Golden Pavilion temple

Visited the world heritage “Byodo-in“




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