Internship of International Students being diversified


 The Centre for International Exchanges has, with support from 19 companies, run a scholarship programme for private-funded international students seeking for working in Shimane. It aims to promote them to live and work within the Prefecture after their graduation in order to resolve shortage of hands and reducing of population. Under the programme, some amount of scholarship is paid to students who have conducted internship in Shimane for 60 hours in total. Once they take employment, additional scholarship is paid.

 In the summer term 2018, 10 students joined to this programme. During the summer holidays, they carry out internship in various industrial areas of enterprises according to their view of career and major of study. In addition to IT, manufacturing firms and hotels, which have accepted students since the beginning of the programme, a farming enterprise accepted a student’s internship for the first time in this year. The Centre for International Exchanges has an intention to expand the relationship with local companies to diversify the field of internship available for students with ambition to a job in Shimane.

Mr Osamu Tsuruhara (Representative of Tsuruhara Farm, Higashi-Izumo, Matsue) and Leonardo Heriyanto (Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences)




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