Sussex Researchers visited Shimane University

公開日 2018年06月19日

 Mr Paul Roberts and Mr Yasser Kosbar, researchers from the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, UK visited Shimane University on 8-9 June 2018. Their visit aimed to make an interview with researchers and doctoral researchers from overseas about their motivation for working in Japan, benefit for their research and career development, problems which they may face with in daily life as a part of the project ‘Higher Education, Knowledge Exchange and Policy Learning in the Asian Century’ conducted by the CHEER. Assistant Professors Hemanth Noothalapati from Raman Project Center for Medical and Biological Applications, Li En from Center for International Exchanges, Professor Andras Auer from Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering and some doctoral students contributed as an interviewee.
 In addition to the academic aim, they made a courtesy visit to Professor Akira Deguchi, Vice-President and Director of the Center for International Exchanges, to discuss on internationalisation of higher education in a context of Shimane and confirmed to continue a communication between two Universities. Lecturer Ryo Sasaki, who has been involved in the project before joining to Shimane University, also participated in that meeting. Besides the official engagements, staffs of the Center for International Exchanges including Professor Harumi Ao, Sasaki and Li as well as Dr Noothalapati invited Mr Roberts and Mr Kosbar to dinner with local cuisine and had an active and lively discussion to strengthen friendship of Universities in the future.