Summer School 2017


  The fourth summer school, which seven foreign students joined (three Americans and four Chinese), was held from Wednesday July 5 to Wednesday July 19. The aim of our summer school program is to make students from our overseas partner universities improve their communication abilities and broaden their perspective through lectures and off-campus activities.
  In the lectures, they learned Japanese culture, history, general circumstance and language, with a goal of developing their interest in Japan and Shimane and understanding them better. In the off-campus activities, they made use of their knowledge they got in the lectures and joined classes by foreigners in Shimane about Japanese life, tried the fieldwork in the old town with NPO's guidance, visited Izumo grand shrine with Izumo high school students, tried Japanese tea ceremony, making a traditional paper ball, wearing yukata (summer kimono) and had two-night homestay.

  They also had a lot of interactions with Shimane University students. Eleven students including Japanese and foreign students support together summer school students to have meals, go out for shopping and so on both in Japanese and English. And they joined Shimane University kendo club, judo club and manga club and students in these clubs gave an instruction to them.

  Summer school students made many friends in Shimane and achieved their goal to improve their Japanese and understand Japanese culture.
  Shimane University continues to promote further cooperation with our overseas partner universities through these activities.

 松江城.jpg 茶道.JPG
 at Matsue castle, national treasure                          Tea ceremony
剣道.jpg 浴衣.JPG
Kendo                                                                  Yukata
日本語.JPG 送別会.JPG
Japanese class                                                   Farewell party with Shimane Universtiy
                                                                        students, host families and staff


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