2016 Field Trip for International Students in Ohnan Town was held


 Thanks to hospitality and cooperation of Ohnan town in Shimane prefecture, which has the Partnership Agreement with Shimane University since 2009, we successfully implemented the 7th International Students' Field Trip to Ohnan Town for the purpose of promoting International Students' Understanding of Japanese Culture and Humanity from September 2nd to 5th, 2016.
 The total number of participants was 17, including 3 Japanese students. Our themes of the trip are not only to experience Japanese local traditional culture at Farm Stay and hold the Ichigi International Festival, but also to visit school festival at Yakami High School to spread our international friendship.
 On the first day, students visited Yakami High School to join the cultural festival. International students made presentation about their own countries and had a guided tour to experience tea ceremony, food stands and so on with high school students.
 At night of the day, Izuwa-Kagura dance team exhibited very powerful Iwami-Kagura. Students also enjoyed trying Kagura costumes, masks and traditional musical instruments with Kagura performers.
 On the next day, we held the Ichigi International Festival. In the morning part, a local farmer made a lecture about rice cultivation in Ohnan region. After that, Students and local people had a group meeting to talk about culture of rice and rice farming to share their opinions. 
 The last 2 nights and 3 days, students experienced Japanese traditional lifestyles and cultural richness at local farm staying. Every student had such wonderful experiences and memories that they also had very hard time to say good bye at the farewell meeting.
 On the final day, we were supposed to have a cultural interaction with Ichigi elementary school children but, it was cancelled unfortunately because of typhoon’s approaching. We were very reluctant but, students were eager to do something for Ichigi Elementary School, so we visited the school to leave lots of surprise drawings and messages on black boards in classrooms and also shoot message movies to send to children later.
 Throughout this trip, all participants could feel and enjoy the richness of nature, warmth of people and several new findings of real Japanese culture. They also gained unforgettable experiences to deepen their mutual understanding beyond nationality, age, language and culture by getting together with Ohnan people in several situations.

 *Please also see the Ichigi Elementary School Blog for Int'l Students activity.


Presentation at Yakami High School Cultural Festival

Tea Ceremony at Yakami High School

Learning  Ancient Rice Cultivation in Ichigi, Ohnan Town

Making "Shimenawa", straw festoon

Iwami-Kagura Experience

Rice harvest at Farm Stay

Origami artwork at Farm Stay

Ichigi Elementary School, message from Int'l students for children

We will be back to see Ichigi elementary students next year!



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