The eleventh Global Insight Seminar


 We invited Professor Baonian He and Lecturer Bo Huang from Nanjing Forestry University, one of our partner universities, for the eleventh Global Insight Seminar, named “the similarity, difference and relation between the Chinese character culture of China and that of Japan”. About fifty students and faculty members participated in the seminar.

 The first part of the lecture is about the differences between Japanese and Chinese cultures in the Chinese character words. Even the same Chinese character word has a different meaning and usage in Japan and China, and it’s caused by the cultural differences between the two countries. There was also a new indication that the relationship between the difference of the meaning of Chinese character words and the cultural background has not yet been studied.
 The second part is an introduction of Nanjing city and Nanjing Forestry University. Nanjing has been designated as “the Level 2 city” by Chinese government, where modernization progresses very rapidly. Nanjing has a long history and rich nature, and is the academic city with seventy four universities. Nanjing Forestry University offers an excellent education with twenty two faculties, about two thousand faculty members, about thirty thousand students and fifty global partner universities.

 One of the participants said “The lecture was easy to understand with a twist to include familiar topics“. The other said “Japanese people don’t know the attractiveness of Nanjing, but I’ve got an interest to visit Nanjing and want more Japanese people visit Nanjing.” The lecture gave a good chance to us to feel much closer to Chinese culture and Nanjing.

The first part; by Professor Baonian He

The second part; by Lecturer Bo Huang


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