Intensive English Training Program 2017 at University of Arkansas


 From February 18th to March 12th, 2017, Shimane University held an annual intensive English training program at Spring International Language Center of University of Arkansas, the United States. This program is designed to enhance the students’ linguistic and cultural knowledge as well as the students’ ability to work in a global society, prepare for their future careers, and give them back to their communities.
 This year, six students, including five students from Tottori University, stepped in this program. They had learned communication in English and learned American culture, staying at American homes for three weeks.
 During their stay in the US, participants have been struggled to communicate in English with their host families and conversation partners. This program has amazingly improved their abilities especially of listening and speaking, and boosted their confidence in using English.
 The students had taken English classes for three hours a day and joined in Leadership and Career Development workshops in the afternoon. As a part of the workshop, they visited local companies and participated in some volunteer activities. In a class, the students talked about their images toward foreign countries and how foreigners feel about Japan. They found different ways of seeing Japan and the importance of objective viewpoint.
 There were also various kinds of activities; visits to the American History Museum, Fayetteville High school, and Wildlife Safari, watching a game of university basketball league, and so on. Participants had touched American culture and learned the difference between Japan and the US.
 At the end of the program, each student gave a five-minute presentation in English outlining their mottos and future goals. They found that they had made a big improvement in their English communication skills and their minds had also grown up by having various experiences.
 This program gave the participating students a good opportunity to know themselves and learn a lot about their future career planning. We do hope that they will work harder with the confidence and make the most use of the results in the future.







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